Getting Noticed: Strategies for Submitting Your Manuscript to Christian Book Publishers

by Sophia

In the competitive world of publishing, aspiring authors often face the challenge of getting their manuscripts noticed by reputable publishers. For those in the Christian literary community, finding the right avenue to submit their work can be particularly crucial. In this article, we will explore effective strategies for submitting manuscripts to Christian book publishers, with a focus on maximizing visibility and increasing the chances of getting noticed.

1. Researching Christian Book Publishers

Before submitting your manuscript, it’s essential to conduct thorough research on Christian book publishers. Identify publishers that align with your genre, writing style, and, most importantly, your Christian message. Some well-known Christian book publishers include Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, and Tyndale House. Familiarize yourself with their submission guidelines, genres they specialize in, and any specific requirements they may have.

2. Crafting a Compelling Book Proposal

A well-crafted book proposal is your first opportunity to make a positive impression on publishers. Clearly outline your book’s premise, target audience, unique selling points, and the significance of your Christian message. Be sure to include a brief author bio that highlights your qualifications and any relevant experience. Tailor your proposal to the publisher’s guidelines, demonstrating that you’ve done your homework and are a good fit for their publishing house.

3. Emphasizing Christian Themes

Christian book publishers are particularly interested in manuscripts that align with their faith-based focus. Clearly articulate the Christian themes present in your work and emphasize how they contribute to the overall message of your book. Whether it’s a fiction novel with strong moral undertones or a non-fiction work addressing spiritual growth, highlighting these aspects will make your submission stand out in the eyes of Christian publishers.

4. Building a Platform

Publishers often look for authors with an established platform, as it indicates a built-in audience for the book. Develop your online presence through social media, a personal website, or a blog that reflects your Christian values. Engage with your target audience, participate in relevant communities, and showcase your expertise. A strong platform not only makes you more appealing to publishers but also demonstrates your commitment to promoting your work.

5. Networking within the Christian Writing Community

Building connections within the Christian writing community can open doors to valuable opportunities. Attend conferences, workshops, and networking events specifically focused on Christian literature. Connect with authors, editors, and literary agents who can offer guidance and support. Word of mouth is powerful in the publishing industry, and personal recommendations can make a significant impact on getting your manuscript noticed.

6. Submitting a Polished Manuscript

Ensure that your manuscript is professionally edited and polished before submission. Typos, grammatical errors, and formatting issues can detract from the quality of your work. Make a strong first impression by presenting a manuscript that is not only compelling in content but also impeccably presented.


Submitting your manuscript to Christian book publishers requires a strategic approach that combines meticulous research, effective communication, and a commitment to your Christian message. By following these strategies, you can increase your chances of getting noticed and pave the way for your work to be shared with a broader audience in the Christian literary community.

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